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Why choose us?

At My First School, we know that selecting a day care or preschool provider can be an grueling task.  It will be one of the most vital decisions you’ll make, because the early years of care are critical to your child’s long-term development.  At our center, you will receive the best care for your child in a setting where your child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development will be nurtured.  As a family-owned business we care about the little things that mean so much to you. 

The first objective of our program is to provide physical, emotional, social and intellectual development to our students. Thus, offering them a safe and comfortable environment, utilizing educational techniques that will stimulate the child’s interest as well as motivate their curiosity and problem solving according to their ages.  That way they will adapt to the school which will make them independent but at the same time will help them socialize with the rest of the teammates.  This way will show the transformation of each child, their family structure, race, gender, language and culture; establishing a balance between passive and active activities that will take place in the center, including children with special needs.  We will accomplish this by developing a firm relationship between school and the family, bringing closer the development of our students and maintaining an open communication that will satisfy their needs.